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The BONNE Bobber

By Diesel Power · July 31, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
<p>Kevin Cook was always fascinated by the Triumph Bonne specially the way Marlon Brando rode into our dreams. One such dream took Kevin to building this modern Triumph Bobber. This has to be the best looking Triumph Bobber... prabably ever. He took the help of Bitterend Choppers for the customized frame and this beautiful bike is also featured in their website as Da Trump Card. The doner bike is a 2003 Bonne.
The headlamp is a Arlen Ness creation, the specialized clutch, the 'deck' or the frame is elongated, the tank was treated to a very Triumph-style paint scheme by Cas Rybkoski along with the rear fender. “I found some items like the monza style gas cap, CR carbs, fork gaiters, clutch pull cover and more at Bella Corse, who specialize in after-market Triumph parts.” says Kevin.
Read about all the intricate details that went to the beautiful styling in Biker Net. There are detailed specifications and images from the doner to the final product.
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